Generic Swim Programs

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✅ Don't want a personalized coach, this is great for you!

✅ Programs for your speed, distance and level

✅ Variation and purpose, no wasted metres


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Generic Programs

For people who swim, but have no structure


✅ Swim 1-3km per workout?

✅ You don't want a coach, but would like programs?

✅ Want to build fitness, some speed and swimming skill?

✅ Want some variety, and a PURPOSE?


10 workouts per month, for people looking to enjoy their swimming more, with some direction. You don't need to be chasing crazy goals to swim these routines. I have constructed 10 swimming programs to help you with some creativity, but to ensure you are doing the right things to improve in all areas. Each month you will be emailed your next 10 workouts for the month, and the good thing is there is no lock-in contract!


These workouts can be used to track improvement and incorporate the many skills of an elite swimmer.

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