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1. Basic Coaching 

2. Progress Coaching

3. Gold Coaching

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Online Coaching Plans


"Basic" Coaching Plan


Supporting you to improve your swimming and stay accountable with your health & fitness


Register for this coaching plan and you will have unlimited access to personalised tips and advice. I will help you to set and progressively work towards your goals. Technique and skills are paramount in swimming, and I want to help you to analyse and work on yours.


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Level 1 Personalized Coaching


  • Set and achieve goals immediately
  • Regular phone consults to discuss your progress
  • Improve your technique and skills
  • Basic access to analysis of skills and technique advice


"Progress" Coaching Plan


Personalized coaching plan and programs to achieve all your goals, and boost your speed & fitness


Many people start something and their adherence disappears within a month. With this plan, you will have personalized programs to achieve your goals, work on your fitness, and so much more.

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Level 2 Personalized Coaching


  • All basic coaching benefits, plus...

  • Unlimited personal swimming programs & workout

  • Access to my "Master The 4" online technique course

  • Unlimited access to technique feedback and skills analysis

"Gold" Coaching Plan


Personalized land and pool training for you to take your performance to the next level.


In this package not only do you receive swimming programs, but you also have access to personalized land workouts. This ranges from mobility, to activations, to general strength sessions - all catered to YOU! Take advantage of this offer that will have you swimming and feeling better than ever!


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Level 3 Personalized Coaching


  • All progress coaching benefits, plus...

  • FREE access to my weekly exercise class (usually $10/wk)
  • Learn the skills and details of an Olympian/Paralympian
  • Individualized land, mobility & strength workouts

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