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Coaching Plans

Coaching based on science. Advice given with thought. Assistance delivered with care.

Swimming technique advice, stroke correction & programming


To take your swimming to the next level, you may just require a few specific drills or corrections. I will help you with identifying these and appropriately applying fixes to promote positive change. Programming is the process of writing training sessions with thought and a plan. I can write your programs for you, so you make improvements towards your goals and swim more purposefully than ever before.

Health, fitness & land training


Whether you require cross-training for variation, or you prefer a more rounded exercise approach, I can make it enjoyable yet purposeful for you. Furthermore, if you are after some land activations or specific mobility work for your swimming, I will be able to facilitate this too.

Personal Resistance Training 


Let me write your programs with purpose to train for strength or towards your individual goals. Whether the aim is fat loss, general strength, or muscular gain, I will ensure you are taken care of. Training variables need to be methodically adjust based on your level of experience and goals - something many people get wrong when training for something specific.

Basic nutrition advice for health & body composition


Many individuals are simply unaware that they are severely lacking specific types of foods. Let me help you to determine the quality of your diet, and assist if you need advice on how to achieve body composition changes. I can help you to implement some simple strategies, recognize barriers, and help to reach your goals.

Individual assessments/screenings, goal setting and Q&A sessions


Many individuals start a journey towards a healthier and happier life, but give up just weeks into the commitment. Not only will I help you to set SMART goals, I will also help to assess your situation and plan appropriately for gradual positive change. On the other hand, you can book a Q&A session to pick my brain and learn as much as you can from my swimming journey.

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