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Generic Swim Workouts 

Quit doing the same thing... I have 10 swim programs for you! 


✅ Follow structured programs that work

✅ Improve your fitness, speed, and technique

✅ Vary things up, and have a purpose


If you don't want a 1-on-1 coach but you're sick of doing the same workouts this is for you. I have created 10 swimming programs to enable you freedom and some variation. Register for 10 workouts, or stay on board for 10 more each month.

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Courses & Programs

Transform Your Swimming

 ~12 steps to improve ALL facets of your swimming. Start when you want. Learn at your own pace.~
  • Learn how to plan your own enjoyable and purposeful workouts
  • Overcome the frustration of plateau
  • Swim faster & further than you ever have before
  • Learn the proper technique for all 4 strokes
  • Land training, nutrition advice plus MORE!
An online learning portal for you to learn WHAT to do, and HOW to do it - everything on your swimming journey.
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Perfect Your Technique, Now!

 ~Technique is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in swimming. Improve yours now!~
  • Drills & progressions for you to finetune your stroke
  • Executing effective kick and pull
  • Develop your timing, for a smoother "feeling" in the water
  • Tips and tricks, and a unique perspective from a Paralympian
An online learning portal for you to learn WHAT to do, and HOW to do it - the 4 swimming strokes.
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Personalized, 1-on-1 Coaching Plans

For All Levels

BASIC: Swim Coaching



  • Set and achieve goals immediately
  • Regular phone consults to discuss your progress
  • Improve your technique and skills
  • Basic access to analysis of skills and technique advic
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PROGRESS: Swim Coaching



All basic coaching benefits, plus...

  • Unlimited personal swimming programs & workout
  • Access to my "Master The 4" online technique course
  • Unlimited access to technique feedback and skills analysis
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GOLD: Pool & Land Coaching



All progress coaching benefits, plus...

  • Individualized land, mobility & strength workouts
  • Learn the skills and details of an Olympian/Paralympian
  • FREE access to my weekly exercise class (usually $10/wk)
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My Story

My name is Jacob Templeton. I am a Paralympic finalist from the Rio Games and a current world record holder. I am a 6-time Australian Dolphin Team member

For 17 years I have devoted my life to excellence in swimming. Along my journey I have had many struggles and obstacles, but with guidance and patience I continue to learn and implement daily.

With this experience, a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science Degree, and as a qualified Personal Trainer, I love seeing people of all abilities improve and succeed.

One of my favourite things in swimming is seeing somebody achieve their goals, and I would love to help you to achieve your goals too. I have many "services" and styles of coaching, and if there is one that suits you, get in touch!

My Full Story


What if I live in another country, how can you coach me 1-on-1?

All of my coaching is online. Once you register we arrange regular zoom (or your preferred method) consults, and in these sessions I acquire the required information to write your programs. I provide technique advice based on video footage (with a camera or smart phone) you provide to me). Programming is tailored to your ability and goals.

I'm not very fit.... does it matter?

Ability is irrelevant. I want to help all individuals with all abilities and experiences. 

Because the coaching is online, do you watch me do my sessions on zoom?

Typically my clients prefer for me to write their programs, and then they perform them on their own. I am quite flexible, however, and if you would like me to watch your session, we will arrange something.

If I register, do I have to start your courses right away?

No! You can start the courses whenever you like. It is 100% self-paced. You do not need to "show up" for specific classes. Learn at your own speed!

Are there other payment options for your products & services

Yes there are various payment options for all products and services, just inquire for more information.

What level do I have to be to participate in your courses and coaching?

My coaching is for all levels of experience, ability & background. In my courses, there is general information for those who are inexperienced, including basic breakdowns of each stroke and skill for swimming. There is also advanced information in my courses so that experienced swimmers have the resources to develop themselves, too.

Do your clients see improvement in with your coaching and courses?

I have many people that I am coaching daily (from all around the world), and many people in my courses. All of my clients are seeing improvements as a result of my advice. I offer a 14-day free trial with my coaching and courses.

Do you have a free trial period?

For my 1-on-1 coaching and my online courses, there is a 14-day free trial period.

If I buy 1-on-1 coaching, do I also get the courses included?

Depending on the 1-on-1 coaching plan you purchase, there will be various things included. If you purchase my progress plan, you will also have access to my Master The 4 course. If you purchase my gold plan, you will have access to my Swimming Education Course as well as my weekly group exercise class.

How long does each module take and what is included in the online courses?

Each module will take a minimum of 45 minutes and includes lectures, fact sheets, PowerPoints, questionnaires, podcasts and much, much more! In total, there are several hours of lectures and podcasts in each course.

For more information contact [email protected]

"Swimming became my passion when I joined the swim team as a young teenager in Germany. Fast forward 30 years and I am still an avid swimmer. With Jacob's instructions and workouts online and his enthusiasm for the sport, I was able to take my swimming a step further, focusing on stroke technique, drills and dry land exercises. Things I never really had put much attention to. I'm excited about my journey!"

Patricia Franklin, USA/Germany

"I am an Intermediate level swimmer from England, and recently I got in touch with Jacob Templeton in order to enhance & refine my skills.... I wasn’t disappointed. First of all he is very approachable and secondly his skills in coaching techniques are second to none. He paid special attention to my questions and gave me appropriate guidelines in order to refine my swimming. I am highly impressed and seeing results rapidly. I would highly recommend his coaching to anyone out there who is willing to invest into improvement in their swimming."

Sony MSB, United Kingdom

""Prior to working with Jake I was swimming without purpose. I go to the pool several times a week and would swim my version of whatever I felt I could do. It was a boring way for me to achieve my goal of burning fat and building lean muscle. Now I have your custom swim programs to follow, and get video analysis of my technique. My swims don’t get boring, they are challenging and fun. I am improving so much from the feedback video chats we have. I feel like I am swimming smarter now, and really enjoy the challenge!"

Mark Botelho, USA

""I started swimming as I got older because my body couldn't tolerate running anymore with the wear and tear. I used to just swim 2km three times per week, doing the same thing each day and wasn't really improving. I didn't change up the distance, recovery times or strokes in any way. After a while, I was just going through the motions and got bored - not enjoying it and I would miss some days here or there. With Jacob's programs the 2km was done without thinking how long I was in the water for or how hard swimming was compared to running. Looking at the black line can be quite repetitive compared with running but I now look forward to my next programs for more variation and improvement. I am now also setting goals for my fitness as I am aware of my swimming ability and also would like to add some distance and speed as well.""

Andrew Johnson, Australia

"“It's about that time again to give many thanks to my Aussie swim coach Jacob Templeton, for not only helping me to stay fit during COVID lockdowns, but also for his attentiveness to my swims, for gallons of feedback, always being reliable, and tons of knowledge in this sport. He is a great coach, I highly recommend to anyone at any level of competitive swimming or just wanting to up your knowledge. I just never cease being grateful for Jake's...even when I'm cussing his name during HARD practices!!! Thanks for everything”"

Jeannine Carter, Canada

"A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life"

-John Wooden


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