Online Weekly Exercise Class

Group Workout. Swimming Specific. Move Better.


✅ From the comfort of your home - no equipment required

✅ Progressions & regressions for all levels

✅ Join live or watch the replay!


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Weekly Online Class

For people looking to move better and/or swim better


✅ Looking for variation and enjoyment?

✅ Wanting to be part of a group and community?

✅ Want to build fitness, speed, strength, endurance, core and mobility?

✅ Want to have a PURPOSE?


Register to join my weekly group exercise class. For just one payment per week, you will have access to the library of workouts, and will be able to join live (or the replay) for the weekly class. Once you register, there is no lock in contract - and you can enjoy the training each week to add to your current structure. Being active every day is essential, and for those regular exercisers, this is fantastic to add to your repertoire, and to improve on your swimming ability.


These workouts can be used to improve activities of daily living, and to improve your ability in the pool. To move better in the pool we must move better on land, first.

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